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The fact Jesse Carere and Kathrynn Prescott are both from Skins made Finding Carte has this Skins vibe and I’m here for it.

Rachel’s making a move.

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I want to see better development of Kimon/Siren in season 3 (Yes , I;m optimistic there’ll be one )

Can In The Flesh come back already?

Amy Dyer in every episode - Series Two Episode One

"We should be free to go wherever we want, however we want. Basic human rights, hon."

"Cause there’s what I believe

…and then there’s you.”

I love how Ben Shumann’s Ryan has more airtime this season.

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Glad they integrated Tom’s departure in the latest episode. Still annoyed they actually wrote him off the show.

clone club + emojis 

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate this face.